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Food Truck Menu & Event Menu

Authentic Street tacos


Double stacked Corn tortilla, Onion, Jalapeno, Cilantro, crumbled queso blanco and Homemade Aji Verde sauce, with a choice of the following meats,

Pernil, Chicken

Carne Asada steak, and Shrimp


Cheese and Chicken


Cheese, Pernil , Carne Asada steak, and Chicken.

*Get it "Rocco's way" ! Locals favorite *

Taco Bowls

Arroz con gandules rice topped with you traditional Toppings and your choice of chicken, Pernil, Carne asada or Shrimp


Arroz con gandules rice

Yuca Fries

Corn salsa

Dessert-Churro empanadas and Ice cream

Drinks - Mexican coke 

Jarritos (Assorted Flavors) or Water


Event menu

*Standard Meal Pricing starts at $30.00 per person*

Meals include the following

2 Tacos ,1 Empanada and a side

Quesadilla, 1 Empanada and a side

Taco Bowl

*2 taco meats for your guests*

Chicken and Carnitas

Carne asada 3 $ upcharge

3rd or 4th meat option available.* (we offer shrimp for $4 extra per person)

Tacos are served authentic street style, on a corn tortilla with cilantro, onions and aji Verde sauce

*Empanada options for your guests*

Cheese, Chicken

*Sides for your guests includes Rice arroz con Guandules*
or* yucca fries $4 upcharge per person*


Jarritos – $3.00 per person


Ice cream - $3.00 per person

Churro Empanada – $5.00 per person

*Based on your chosen options, We will provide a custom menu for the Event/Guests* $250 Travel/Service fee within our area. $350 Travel/Service fee to locations outside our operation area.

If you need us for your next event, please let us know and we will be onsite for your guest to enjoy our handmade street foods.

**Prices subject to change without notice and will be based on current market prices.**

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